As the Democrats have won Georgia’s Senate run-off elections, small businesses only have one choice, and that is to bow down before Biden’s administration.

In the 2020 presidential elections, Democrat’s presidential candidate Joe Biden won the race against Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. As he is about to take over the Oval Office on 20th January 2021, Georgia’s runoff election win has further strengthened his standing.

To balance the number of seats in the Senate, Democrats needed to win both the seats of Georgia. And as the results reveal that Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff from Democrat Party have won against their respective Republican counterparts Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

With 50% seats in the Senate, the Biden administration has an edge over the Republicans, which allows them to get all of their bills passed. This win not only provides Biden a chance to fulfill his agenda of a 33% tax increase on business corporations,  but it also allows him to work on issues he had highlighted during his election campaign.

This win also allows Biden to nullify all the recent orders given by Trump under the one-party rule, i.e. Congressional Review Act. Among these executive orders, pro-business measures are at the top of the list, which includes tip-pooling and reviewing energy and environmental regulations.

oreover, with the majority in Senate, now Biden will be able to get his most important picks for cabinet approved as well. Biden’s Cabinet picks, include individuals, such as Neera Tanden to run Office Management and Budget, Xavier Becerra to lead Health and Human Services as Secretary of State of California. This move will help Biden implement anti-business regulation, which can put businesses in jeopardy.

If this happens, Democrats will successfully get their two big tickets passed, including, Green New Deal and public healthcare. Both of these policies will cast a big blow to small businesses because GND will increase energy costs, and providing healthcare to every employee would add up to the healthcare cost of the employers as well.

Biden’s policies would prove to be challenging for businesses, especially small businesses. More things will come up, as Biden will officially become 46th President of the US.