A small aircraft made a crash landing on a busy road in Washington in the late hours of Tuesday, resulting in wounding both the occupants and their dog.

According to the authorities, a small experimental airplane that took off from the airport of Paine Field located in Snohomish County had an engine failure approximately at 10:20 pm. The Snohomish Regional Fire and Rescue department promptly responded to the alarming situation as the plane made a crash landing on a road in Washington.

The experimental aircraft was later on stuck into the high tension lines of power while coming down near Canyon Park in Bothell city resulting in a crash landing, said the rescue operation services. It was 28th street located in the small city of Bothell – Washington.

The occupants of the aircraft suffered minor injuries and both along with their dog were shifted to a nearby hospital. The health condition of the aircraft occupants is unknown at the moment.

Authorities cordoned off the area of the crash site but no one was reportedly injured on the ground. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the cause of the crash.

Details and identities of the aircraft occupants have not been revealed.