Seven unsupervised children were found unconscious by police after one of them gave the others sleeping pills. Children were immediately transported to the hospital on Wednesday evening, said Police.

According to an NBC-12 report, the Police were called to a Hopewell home on South 16th Street at 5.30 p.m. They found four 1 to 4-year-old unresponsive children at one corner of the house.

Another part of the house had three more lethargic children also unable to respond due to the sleeping pills. The ages of the other three children are still unknown.

The police found the pill bottle from the scene with no label on it. While investigating the eldest 7-year-old kid and with the doctor’s help, it became definite that the bottle had sleeping pills.

Lt. Cheyenne Casale of the Hopewell Police Department stated that kids were left unsupervised and alone for a period. The kid possessing the prescribed medication “got into it and shared it with the other children here.”

It is still not confirmed whether the sleeping pills were actually prescribed to the kid of seven years of age or to someone else in the house.

All seven affected children were immediately shifted to the hospital where the two youngest were later taken to another hospital in a serious condition.

I don’t know the details of their treatment but some are being transported to other hospitals for further treatment,” Casale said.

When the adult living with the children came back home from the grocery store, they called 911 upon finding children in the state. The relationship between the adult and all the children still needs to be investigated. It is also unclear if the adult will face any charges.

Investigation regarding the seven-year-old child who gave the sleeping pills after taking them is also unclear. Child Protective services were also called but it is too early to say whether they have taken the kid or not.  

“Find out who are we going to hold accountable and get these kids in a safe environment, that’s our number one goal,” Casale said.