The violence in America couldn’t be curtailed as the law enforcement officials and police officers become victims of the trend. Six officers were shot in the last 48 hours across America as gun violence continues to surge.

The Oakland County sheriff, Mike Bouchard tweeted on Thursday that his office will be sending out condolence letters to other police agencies for all the officers and “for first responders who died in the line of duty in January.”

“And unfortunately, another three officers were shot today in Houston. Prayers,” he posted.

A recent shooting episode in Houston resulted in the hospitalization of three police officers. The suspected shooter fired a shot on the foot of one of the officers whereas the other one got shot in the arm. The third officer was wounded by a gunshot on his leg. all are said to be in stable condition and getting treated at the Memorial Hermann Hospital.

A Milwaukee sheriff’s deputy was shot multiple times at a traffic stop and two other officers were shot in St. Louis on Wednesday evening.

“Thank goodness his injuries at this point do not appear to be life-threatening,” the sheriff said during the presser. “This is twice within two weeks’ law enforcement officers have encountered individuals with weapons and have been shot doing their job.” 

One of the police officers shot in St. Louis is said to be in “very critical, very unstable” condition.

“I am asking the public to pray for our officers. This is a rough time,” Hayden said. “They’re doing everything they can to keep people safe, and we keep having these critical incidents.”

According to the latest data released by the FBI, the number of officers who lost their lives in the line of duty in the year 2021 surpassed the record of the highest ever in a year in the last 20 years.  This new data included premeditated ambushes and unprovoked confrontations as well.