Have you ever wondered, what’s the most hydrating drink? Other than water! Indeed, hydration is a very important element for human health and several aerobicized drinks can boost your daily stamina. Hydrating drinks is a way to keep us more active and energetic throughout the day. Moreover, it’s an important element of keeping our digestive track fit and healthy. It helps to prevent any infections while providing the right nutrients for the body. Not just this but also, we’ve started spending very unhealthy lives to support our schedules. Many people suffer from having too many things to do but very little time to eat. Hence, small remedies or mixtures can help us not only to stay hydrated but can even help us gain some extra nutrients for our busy lives.

Medical professionals has suggested an average of 11 glasses of water for women and about 16 glasses for men. Hydration can not only be achieved through drinking water rather it can be achieved by different means as well. Fruits, vegetates, cucumbers, and various other juices. Have you come up with the answer to my question regarding, what’s the most hydrating drinks, other than water? If you haven’t, then we have come up with the Following drinks can be utilized for keeping our bodies hydrated:

Drinks For active Hydration

1. Lemonade

Also commonly known as lemon water is used as a summer drink to retain the water content that is being lost throughout the day. It serves as an effective way to avoid water loss. Not only this but Dr. Rupali Datta, a nutritionist, has also suggested that a few drops of lemon in the water a bit of salt can not only keep you hydrated for the day rather it can also provide the required dose of Vit. C.

2. Milk

Another very important drink for our diet is milk. Milk is constituted of 87.7% water in its composition. This not only provides hydration but also adds to the calcium constituency of the body. Milk is known to be the cheapest source for calcium intake. Not just this, but it also has carbs and sodium that is known for its functions of water retention in the body. Finally, milk can be used in a variety of ways to make it more fun. Such as adding fruits in milk can be made into smoothies or mix it with yogurt and milk together.

3. Cucumbers in water

Cucumbers are also a source of water, nearly 96% of the content is made up of water. It makes them a perfect snaking item for especially summers when the water content in the body is constantly being lost. Hence, cutting up a few cucumbers or having it as a whole can get rid of the weird summer lethargy.

Cucumbers are also used in various distilled water recipes. Adding a few slices of cucumbers in water can do the trick mostly as well. It helps with maintaining blood pressure and much more. People use distilled water as a way to clear the body of toxins and help with the overall digestive process. Hence, it’s a great way to start a day.