Simon Gallup, the Cure’s bassist, announced his departure from the band on Saturday, after almost forty years with the goth-rock pioneers.

Simon said that he was sad to announce that he will no longer be a Cure member and wished the band all the best. When a fan inquired about the reason for Gallup’s departure, he replied, “I’m OK… I’m simply sick of betrayal.”

The Cure and vocalist Robert Smith have made no public statements about Gallup’s resignation. However, after Gallup’s revelation, the band’s veteran keyboardist Roger O’Donnell tweeted that a buddy just informed him they spotted Lol in the Guitar Centre purchasing a bass, a reference to former Cure keyboardist Lol Tolhurst, who departed the band in 1989, according to Slicing Up Eyeballs.

Simon Gallup also deactivated his own Twitter account after being included in the Rock and Roll HOF with his Cure colleagues in 2019.After the Cure recorded The Top without Gallup two years later, Smith invited the bassist to join the band again in 1984, and he did; Gallup has been the band’s bassist ever since. The band’s most recent studio album, 4:13 Dream, was released in 2008, but Smith recently told Rolling Stone that the band has been working on a new record inspired by the moon landing of 1969.

Smith discussed Gallup’s significance to the band in a 2019 NME interview. He said that Simon has always been the beating heart of the live band for him, and he has always been his closest buddy. It’s strange that he’s often been ignored throughout the years and decades. He doesn’t do interviews, he’s not very visible, and he doesn’t serve as a counterpoint to him in public, but he’s extremely critical to what they do..

He further added that they have had some trying times over the years, but they have managed to preserve a close relationship that stems from our shared experience as teenagers. When you have companions like that, especially for such a long period of time, it would take something really exceptional to destroy that friendship.