Sidney Powell clarified that she is not a member of Donald Trump’s legal team and said that she will continue to fight for what she believes in and will try to uncover the systemic rigging.

Trump lawyer and former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani, along with Trump’s senior legal advisor Jenna Ellis stated that one of the primary advocates of voter fraud, Sidney Powell is not an official member of Trump’s legal team.

Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis stated that Powell is practicing as an independent lawyer and has no association with Trump’s legal team. Powell’s fight against the rigged elections is her agenda and does not represent any other figure. She is acting in her capacity.

In response, Powell stated that she is not a member of the legal team of Trump, adding she never signed any contract or charged any fee.

She further expressed her intentions to expose the unlawful activities behind the 2020 elections irrespective of who becomes the victim – be it Republicans or Democrats. She hopes to act in the best interest of the public and stay unbiased throughout the process.

Powell continued to add that she has been collecting proof regarding the software which was used to transfer a large number of votes of Donald Trump to Joe Biden, nullifying the transparency of the 2020 elections.

Powell along with her team is hoping to file a lawsuit in the following week and seems confident about the evidence she has compiled.

Alternatively, Powell also mentioned that she will continue to stand with Republicans who voted for Donald Trump, propagating the #WeThePeople campaign.

According to one conspiracy theory, the rigging of the elections caused by the Smartmatic software has provided Joe Biden with almost 35,000 more votes than the original figure.