The two people shot dead on Wednesday at an NHK facility in Frankfort, Indiana, are said to be employees of the company, according to the Sheriff’s office of Clinton County.

Officials stated Gary C. Ferrell, 26, was a facility employee.

The press conference on Wednesday night is believed to have finished Ferrell before murdering Promise Mays, 21, and Pamela Sled, 62, as reported by Rich Kelly of the Clinton County Sheriff.

The sheriff’s office said that 911 calls started to arrive at approximately 16:15 local time. Afterward, the local people were advised to avoid the area because of the “active situation.”

Ferrell hopped into a car and quickly drove away from the area when deputies arrived, but authorities arrested him about a minute later. Following wrecking his car post-high-speed pursuit, Ferrell was arrested. He was not harmed in the minor accident, according to Clinton County Sheriff Richard Kelly.

The Sheriff stated that the investigation continues and he didn’t have any reason. Kelly stated that they could not provide Ferrell’s connection to the victims with additional information.

The event happened in the NHK Seating of America parking lot in Frankfurt, Indiana. For the adjacent Subaru plant, the company manufactures chairs and seating components.

The sheriff’s bureau stated to the people shortly after the occurrence to avoid their area surrounding the new NHK since the scene was active.