For the time being, the Cielo Vista Mall will stay closed since it is still being treated as a crime scene, as stated by interim police head Peter Pacillas.

However, Pacillas emphasized, the threat was no longer present.

“There is no more danger. I want to repeat that: There is no more danger to the public,” Pacillas said.

Pacillas reported that both of the suspects were in custody and both of the victims are male.

Gomez said a weapon had been found at the site, but he did not know any more details beyond that.

“It’s too early to speculate on motive,” he said.

It was reported by Gomez that the three injured people had been transported to nearby medical facilities.

Two male gunshot victims are now being treated at University Medical Center in El Paso, according to a statement released by the hospital. They were in very bad shape, and the third victim’s status was unknown at the time.

“I can say after and during this incident, it was chaotic. People did flee. They were scared,” he said.

A reunion center was set up by the authorities at a local high school.

The mall’s food court is where the incident was first reported, according to police.

Off-duty cops assisting with mall security reacted “within three minutes,” according to El Paso police chief Peter Pacillas on Wednesday, and they were able to apprehend and arrest one suspect without any shots being fired.

The circumstances behind the second arrest are unknown. Mr. Pacillas noted that the four victims were all males. According to reports, two of the wounded are in quite serious condition.