A comedy show Dave started at the beginning of this year that was obnoxious but very hilarious.

It makes explicit jokes about pornography, racism, and religion. The show time matches with the type of content it airs, late on Sunday nights.

Beneath the nasty jokes, the show has a witty and subtle base which makes it a brilliant comedy series if you have no problem with watching a show with adult jokes.

The show follows the story of a Jew Dave who wants to be a successful rapper but his other personality that dominates his musical career Lil Dicky hasn’t been able to establish himself as a successful hip hop singer but instead has earned a reputation for writing explicit songs

The opening scene has a lot of obscenity so if the viewers can get past that, then they can continue watching the season.

Dave is shown to be an innocent character who is trying to make his name in rapping but he gets ridiculed because of being the only white singer in this Black dominated profession. Bu is driven by his passion.

The story revolves around Dave, the leading character, and his friends that include his friend Elz, his girlfriend Ally, her roommate Emma and Dave’s flatmate and friend Mike. A few celebrities also make guest appearances.

Another fun character in the show is GaTa who is Dave’s backup rapper. This character has an interesting development as his story unveils in the fifth episode.

There might not be many Jewish rappers in the industry but a white Jewish actor can do well in a sitcom. David Burd does an amazing job of making his audience laugh. He is also doing well in rapping nowadays where he is known by his name Lil Dicky.