Kaley Cuoco reveals something that Sharon Stone did off-script while filming ‘The Flight Attendant’.

“Kaley Cuoco got surprise slapped not once, but THREE times by @SharonStone!”, Jimmy Kimmel Live mocked on Twitter.


Kaley Cuoco recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote the second season of ‘The Flight Attendant’. The latest season sees some new faces, including Sharon Stone, who appears as Cuoco’s mom, Cassie Bowden.

While the shooting was in-progress, something happened between the two that was completely off-script.

“She was supposed to say “I like you, but I don’t love you very much,’” Kaley Cuoco recalled on the show. “That’s what she is supposed to say. She says this line to me, she grabs my face and she whacks me!”

Apparently, that sudden off-script slap shocked everyone on the set as much as Cuoco did. Though, the crew managed to get the shot, which Cuoco elaborated as “Emmy-worthy.”

“Sharon comes back and said, ‘Oh my God, I love you. It just felt right for the scene,” Cuoco re-collected. “I was like ‘That was incredible. Whoa!’ So I’m like, I just got bitch slapped by Sharon Stone.”

While the shot was already taken, Sharon Stone decided to hit her co-star again during the second shot. Film directors then moved the camera to capture stone’s close up and cut out Cuoco. However, that didn’t save Cuoco from Stone’s prompt hands.

“She slaps me again!” Cuoco yelled. “Three times I got slapped. Wasn’t even me in the third take. So now I need to ice. And I’m like… I walk out. She comes and is like, “Hey, it was on my face –’ ‘I understand, I understand.’ I’m like, ‘Can we wrap, though, because I think I’m ready to go.”

Earlier in April, Kaley Cuoco was spotted attending the season 2 premiere, as Getty Images Entertainment Tweeted, “Zosia Mamet and Kaley Cuoco attend the Los Angeles Season 2 Premiere of the HBO Max Original Series “The Flight Attendant” at Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California.”


The Flight Attendant season 2 will go live on April 21 on HBO Max. “We’re just one week away from takeoff. Season 2 lands April 21st on @hbomax”.