Summary – Share full TikTok video to Instagram

Open TikTok> tap any video>tap arrow icon> select Instagram story> tap share.

TikTok and Instagram are modern-day rivals of each other. One reason could be both apps have the same aspect ratio and formats for reels. That also means one can share full TikTok video to Instagram hassle-free.

In fact, influencers use both platforms simultaneously for content creation. Most of them make transition videos and reels on TikTok (as it offers more video-friendly tools) and share them on Instagram with their followers.

Earlier, Instagram didn’t let users post TikTok videos with its watermark on the platform. But things have changed now. This guide will reveal how to share a full TikTok video on Instagram story or feed.

2 Ways to Share full TikTok video to Instagram

Did you know that you can post your TikTok videos to Instagram in two different ways? Below we have shared two ways to post TikTok reels to the Instagram stories, so you can go for the other method if one doesn’t work.

Method 1 – Share directly from TikTok

The first method to share full TikTok video to Instagram is by using TikTok the alleged mind-reading app’s own video-sharing feature. Also, it is the shortest method to take your TikTok reels to Instagram. So let’s get started!

Step 1: Open the TikTok app

Open the TikTok app downloaded to your smartphone and log in to your account if not.

Step 2: Navigate the video you want to share on Instagram

Next, you need to find the video you want to share. It could be your own or someone else’s video you want to share.

Step 3: Tap the video and the three dots

Once you find the video, tap it and select the three dots on the right side above the profile icon.

Step 4: Tap the Instagram Stories option

Congrats! You are halfway through sharing your reel to Instagram. Once you tap the three dots, you will get options to share your video to WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, etc. tap the Instagram Stories icon.

Step 5: Share the video on Instagram

After tapping the story icon, you will be taken to the Instagram app. Tap the ‘Share’ option to post your story.

Note: While posting the video on your reel, Instagram will provide you an option if you want to switch to close friends. Hit that option if you want to post the video for your close friends only.

Method 2 – Download the TikTok videos

The second method to share full TikTok video to Instagram comprises downloading the video and then uploading it separately on Instagram. Note that this method is longer than the previous one but you will post your video to Instagram for sure.

Step 1: Open the TikTok app

Unlock your phone, open the TikTok app and enter your credentials to log in if you are not.

Step 2: Search for the video you want to share.

Using the search bar, search for the video you want to share.

Step 3: Click on the three dots on the video

Again, click on the three horizontal dots on the right side of the video above the profile icon.

Step 4: Tap ‘Save Video’

Here, instead of selecting the Instagram story icon, focus on the row below it and tap the ‘Save Video’ option. Wait for a few minutes to download the video.

Step 5: Close the TikTok app and open Instagram

Now that the video is downloaded to your phone, close the TikTok app and come to Instagram. Also, before closing TikTok, ensure your video has been completely downloaded to your phone.

Step 6: Swipe left to the right on Instagram

Once the Instagram app is opened, swipe left to the right on the newsfeed to open the story uploading section.

Step 7: Tap gallery on the bottom left corner of the screen

Tap the gallery icon and select the TikTok video you just downloaded a few minutes ago.

Step 8: Share the video on your story

Now simply tap the blue colored ‘Share’ button to post the video on your Story.

Note: In some regions, instead of the three horizontal dots, you will get a share option with an arrow icon. It works the same as the three dots.

How to share full TikTok video on Instagram feed?

How to share full tik tok video on Instagram
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In case you are looking for a method to share a TikTok video to your Instagram feed, here is how you can do it.

Go back to method 1 and follow the steps till step number 3. Tap the Instagram icon and then the ‘+’ icon on the ‘Share to Instagram’ page.

How to share Instagram reels to TikTok?

You can cross-post your Instagram reel to TikTok as well. Here is how to do it:

  • Open your Instagram account and head to your profile
  • Open any reel of yours
  • Tap the three horizontal dots on the right side of the screen
  • Select the ‘Save to your device’ option and wait for it to download
  • Once the video is downloaded, open the TikTok app
  • Tap the ‘+’ icon at the bottom
  • Tap ‘upload’ on the top right corner of your screen, choose your video, tap ‘Next’ and publish

Note: All those wondering ‘how to share Instagram videos to TikTok’ should know that you cannot share someone else’s video on TikTok except for yours.

Instagram doesn’t offer a download option on other’s videos, and there is no way of direct sharing videos to TikTok.

Why does Instagram cut off TikTok videos?

If a video has been filmed on TikTok, it cannot be shared in the same ratio to Instagram the reason is that TikTok videos are 9:16 or vertical. The Instagram post is 4:5. So when you post a TikTok video to Instagram, the app automatically adjusts the video size per its own size.

How long can TikTok videos be on Instagram?

If you post a TikTok reel on an Instagram story, the length won’t matter. However, if you post a TikTok reel on an Instagram reel, then know that it cannot go longer than 90 seconds.

Can you post 3-minute videos on TikTok?

While you may post a video of up to 3 minutes on TikTok, you cannot create a 3-minute-long video on TikTok.

The app only gives two options. Either you select the 15s video option or the 60s. There is no option for longer than these.

Also, if you want to delete your old videos on TikTok, take help from this guide.

Can I post 5 minutes on TikTok?

Fortunately, unlike Instagram, TikTok allows you to post/upload a video of up to 10 minutes on the app. That said, you cannot create a video on TikTok of more than 60 seconds.

In case you want to repost on TikTok, here is a guide to how to do that.

Wrap Up

That was all from our side on how to share a full TikTok video on Instagram story.

We penned down this guide keeping in view the 2023 TikTok and Instagram app updates.

You may encounter issues applying this guide if you have not updated both apps to their latest versions. So it’s better to ensure you have your apps updated to the current version before trying these methods.