Shameful multiple footages of Louisiana State Police have emerged causing a stir in the country as the videos showcase evidence of “racially motivated” attacks on the black suspects.

According to reports, over a dozen videos have emerged where Louisiana State Police Officers are seen concealing the evidence of deflecting blame, beating, and impeding efforts over black suspects through dire misconduct.

The videos showcase white state troopers from handcuffing the black suspects to punching them, throwing them on the ground as well hitting them brutally resulting in broken ribs and jaws.

A retired supervisor from the Louisiana state police exclaimed that this is routine and a “common practice to rubber-stamp officers’ use-of-force reports without reviewing body-camera video.”

The federal investigation revealed that state police misconduct had crossed all limits; as it found out that it is habitual for the troopers to turn off or mute the body camera during the horrendous pursuits.

Andrew Scott, a former Boca Raton from Florida who reviewed these horrendous videos stated “it is very clear that the agency accepts that type of behavior and the hyper aggressiveness is winked upon and nodded and allowed to go on.”

It is a prime activity of the agency to refuse the release of the footage in which the suspects are being battered by the police officials.

In some cases, the officers who were seen using extensive force on the suspects justify their actions by counteracting the blame on the suspects stating that they were violent, escaping, or were resisting to collaborate. All of these claims were contradictory to the footage of the videos released.

Most of the suspects in the videos were black and the rest were Hispanic or Latinos.

The brutal videos’ release comes in time as the black and civil leaders are urging the U.S. Justice Department to launch a “broader, pattern and practice” investigation to rectify the racist imbalance in society. Similar footages have been rapidly emerging from the states of the phoenix, Minneapolis, and Louisville as well.

The executive director of ACLU Louisiana, Alanah Odoms stated “these things are racially motivated, it doesn’t seem you could have this level of criminality going on without it being something much more sinister.”