There has been an increase in the number of New York Democrats looking to see Governor Cuomo step down from his office as Senator Chuck Schummer and Kristen Gillibrand have also joined the party. This comes after the allegations of sexual misconduct against the Governor and his insistence that these allegations do not have enough ground for him to resign.

The Senators from New York are urging Governor Cuomo in a collective statement to leave the office citing that the allegations of sexual misconduct will lead him to not only losing the trust but also the confidence of the people. The allegations leveled against the Governor were led by various politicians from New York, mainly from the Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio and legislators from the House and state delegations.

The call for resignation from Chuck Schumer and Gillibrand came sometime after the Governor was accused by a former Staffer Lindsey Boylan for charges of sexual misconduct and harassment and then called the Senators out for their cowardice in choosing to remain silent instead of supporting her.

Senator Chuck Schummer and Kristen Gillibrand in their joint statements said that the multiple allegations of sexual harassment indicate that the Governor has truly lost the confidence of the people and his partners.

The Governor of New York on the other hand has remained steadfast in his resolve that he will not step down for baseless accusations and has deemed himself to be a victim of the rampant cancel culture. He urged his constituents to be patient and wait until the outcome of a formal investigation.

This was not, however, the first time Governor Cuomo has been accused of sexual assault and harassment. Six women have come out in the past week accusing the senator of sexual misconduct. One of these women who chose to remain anonymous said that during her time as an Aide to the Governor, she was groped at his residence. The Governor on the other hand denies all allegations yet he apologized for making people uncomfortable. He also promised to make sure that the investigation will be independent.

There are chances that if the Governor himself does not resign, he may be impeached as many democrats have announced that they are going to put forward a motion for impeachment.