Waging a one-sided war a few years back, Gwyneth Paltrow changed the mind of readers in 2015 via her wellness venture “Goop”.

Gwyneth Paltrow suggested using “jade eggs,” which is currently listed on her website for sale at $66, costs 9x times the federal minimum wage.

Paltrow’s unearned authority and defiance are what made her the modern-day Marie Antoinette.

Despite being the second Oscar-winning performance, Goop has triggered several questions like, is there going to be a third? Certainly, there’s more to Gwyneth Paltrow than just selling $600 clothes and a range of “dust” carrying names like Yoga in a Cup? Does she have something relevant to say? Or is she happy enough being the world’s popular influencer, dedicating her sardonic-mean-girl and patrician beauty for clickbait capitalism?

The Famous reality show, Sex, Love & Goop, the 49 years old Marvel alum seems to have made a purposeful shift in a new domain, whose seeds were sown in 2020’s “The Goop Lab,” an unconvincing showcase of mostly woo-woo treatments I called “QVC for one-percenters.”

One of the worth watching scenes featured an orgasm gap issue between men and women, which Betty Dodson, the sex educator, attempted to close.

The Sex, Love & Goop series sees a controversy on Women’s sexual pleasure, and certainly, it’s one of the savviest. Sexual dissatisfaction has become a common problem that affects women of every age and orientation. The controversial issue helped the actress to show solidarity for women through her vague gestures that are both studiously apolitical and market-friendly.

Sexual dissatisfaction is the primary reason women buy adult toys available at Goop dot com to fulfill their sexual needs.

From Paltrow’s gestures, it is evident that she is more concerned about fulfilling women’s needs and normalizing lady parts.

In “Sex, Love & Goop”, Paltrow has played the role of the most empathetic and curious person concerned for the couples with negligible sex lives.

“Sex, Love & Goop” is set to premiere on Oct 21, 2021, Thursday. So stay tuned.