And finally, it’s September, the month in which most of your favorite TV shows promised to release.  

The new month brings back several Netflix favorites – including The Circle, Lucifer, and Money Heist – and several promising new titles.

The service will be releasing satirical animated shows and series, including “Q-Force” – a story of LGBTQ superheroes who partners to fight felony. A month before Halloween, the streaming service will be hosting another next-level series from the maker of The Haunting of Hill House, an original TV show with the bizarre title of “Midnight Mass” 

This September will mark twenty years since the hijacked aircraft hit NYC’s Twin Towers, the Pentagon located in Pennsylvania. The documentary project Netflix is going to release this September to revisit the repercussions of the life-changing day features Michael Keaton

Shows in September 2021
1. Money Heist Season 5: Volume 1 (Sept 3)
2. The Circle: Season 3 (Sept 8)
3. Lucifer: The Final Season (Sept 10)
4. Jack Whitehall: Travels with my father: Season 5 (Sept 14)
5. Nailed it: Season 6 (Sept 15)
6. Sex Education: Season 3 (Sept 17)
7. Love of the Spectrum: Season 2 (Sept 21)
8. Dear White People: Volume 4: Final Season (Sept 22)

1) Turning Point: 9/11 and the war on Terror – streaming right now:

The docuseries portrays the violent terrorist attack that happened in 2001, Sept 11, authorities tracing the origin of the Al-Qaida group in the 1980s and examining the US’s reaction, locally and overseas. 

2) Afterlife of the Party – Released Sept 2:

The show features a girl named Cassie (Victoria Justice) who spends her life partying until a terrible accident happened that changed her life. This accident allows her to correct her wrongdoings, and if she tries, she can get herself angel wings.

3) Q-Force – Released Sept 2:

The story involves Steve Mary, also known as Agent Mary (Sean Hayes), who is reassigned into the Intelligence Agency of the US after coming out, so he prepares a team of expert individuals of the LGBTQ community. You will see Wanda Skyes, David Harbour, Gary Cole, and Laurie Metcalf in this show. 

4) Worth – Releasing today:

In “Worth”, Michael Keaton plays Lawyer Kenneth Feinberg who is appointed as the head of compensation adjustment for the victims of the Sept 11, 2001, terrorist attack. The story is inspired by a true event in history. Kenneth, along with his associate Camille Biros, works on identifying the “Worth” of the departed. The show cast includes Laura Benanti, Stanley Tucci, and Tate Donovan. 

5) On the Verge – Releasing Sept 7:

The show revolves around four Angelenos, Julie Deply, Elisa Beth, Sarah Jones, and Alexia Landeau, dealing with challenges in life. 

6) Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali – Releasing Sept 9:

A documentary that Kenya Barris produced involves tracing the friendship between Malcolm X, the civil rights leader, and Muhammad Ali Boxer and Activist by interviewing the icon’s families.