Republican Senator Ted Cruz is facing a lot of criticism for making a trip to Mexico while the state of Texas experienced a record-breaking snowstorm that has led to power outages and water shortages. The minute his picture at the Houston Airport appeared on social media, people started grilling him for making such a choice leaving behind the people of his constituency in turbulence.

While Texas is shrouded with snow, Ted Cruz opted to go for a short vacation trip’ over the weekend with family. The criticism has triggered heated debates on social media platforms, eventually forcing him to cut short his trip and return to Houston.

After he landed in Houston, Cruz claimed in an official statement that because of school closing down for a week, his daughters wanted to go on a trip to Cancun with friends. Like any dutiful father, he decided to go with them. Initially, he had planned to stay there over the weekend, but he flew back early because of the growing criticism.

He also claimed that it didn’t feel right leaving the Texans behind battling with harsh weather conditions, but he had to fulfill the role of a doting father as well.

A former spokesperson for President Barack Obama, Tommy Vietor called this act from Ted Cruz callous and politically masochistic. People are demanding a resignation from Cruz calling his trip ‘utterly disturbing’ and ‘disappointing’.

More than 4 million Texans were left without power as the power grid all but collapsed last week due to the harsh weather conditions. The state is witnessing the lowest winter temperatures in more than 70 years. People are forced to combat the weather with little resources as the snow continues to fall, making it more difficult to restore the power by the hour.

The irony is that when this polar plunge started, Ted Cruz had advised people to stay at home to protect themselves. He had asked people to keep themselves and their families safe and inside. And soon after, he was seen at the airport boarding a flight to enjoy a short vacation trip.

He concluded that he was in constant touch with his team back in Texas and with other local and state leaders on the matter. But the damage has been done, and its after-effects will continue to erode Ted Cruz’s position in the Senate.