Senator Ted Cruz talked about Twitter boss lying to the Senate publicly.

According to the senator, Jack Dorsey lied under oath. Jack had been called to the Senate to testify after being summoned. The senator said that Jack did not tell the truth and therefore committed a felony.

The CEOs of Twitter, Facebook, and Google were asked to testify to the senators. The main issues were freedom of speech and censorship on the platforms.

The Republicans on the panel were not happy with Twitter’s CEO and expressed their concerns.

They said that other world leaders were not censored, their tweets were not restricted but many of Trump’s tweets were restricted. They called it an act of selective censorship.

Jack Dorsey quite literally became the target of many Republicans as they accused him of being biased and using the platform to censor certain things.

Senator Cruz told the Twitter CEO that the platform should not influence people on its own about which party to vote for. He also questioned Jack about Twitter deciding to remove and block the New York Post’s famous article written against the son of Joe Biden.

As a response, Jack said that Twitter took back its decision and was in no way interfering in the elections. He also affirmed that the platform is needed to win the trust of more people.

He also said that Twitter alone could not impact Americans. There were many other applications and platforms and not just Twitter.

After Senator Cruz criticized Jack on Twitter, many other Republicans also joined in and called him a liar as he had stated that Twitter would not block any New York Post’s articles anymore.

They further complained that Twitter is still removing the articles and therefore, Jack committed a felony by lying under oath.