The Republican senator from Kentucky. Rand Paul has rubbished the outcome of the Trump impeachment and calls it a ‘partisan farce’.

According to the senator, although there are significant findings of Trump’s role in questioning the election results and endorsing riots – still there is a ‘zero’ chance of conviction. He termed it a waste of time and a practice without solid outcomes.

Trump’s impeachment will start on Tuesday. The former president has been accused of instigating riots at the Capitol Building. He encouraged thousands of his supporters to go to Washington and attack the Capitol after Biden’s election victory.

Many lawmakers have accused former President Trump of instigating violence. Due to his role in the upheavals and encouraging riots, the second impeachment has been called.

According to Trump’s defense, the whole impeachment process is unconstitutional as he is no longer a serving President of the country. This is why the Senate has no right to impeach a president whose tenure has already expired.

Secondly, the former President has all the legal right to proclaim voting fraud as this right has been given to him by the law.

On these grounds, it is assumed by many that the second impeachment is a farce.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul has challenged the impeachment, following which 45 senators supported him on the issue.

According to Paul, if impeachment is initiated on the grounds of political views and the right to question the process, then it got no solid ground. He further added that the House should impeach Chuck Schumer as he blatantly criticized Supreme Court Justices, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh.

Paul also pointed out that Justice John Roberts has refused to preside over Trump’s second impeachment trial. On these grounds, he calls the second impeachment process a farce with no support.

A majority of the Republican Senators have no or little interest in the impeachment and conviction of Trump.

However, if Trump is convicted in the impeachment, it can seriously jeopardize the political future of the former President.