It has been seen that there are conspiracies among some groups about the coronavirus and the use of masks. Rubio lashed out at Dr. Anthony Fauci about the information given by him on the coronavirus cases and in particular about masks.

The coronavirus was an entirely new subject to many individuals including Dr. Anthony. He did everything to keep people safe during this pandemic and contain the spread of the virus.

Dr. Anthony is a respected man in his field as he has a vast knowledge of different diseases and viruses. He was the right man for the job from the very start of this pandemic.

Rubio’s claim that Anthony was deliberately lying about the coronavirus restrictions is appalling. It is coming from a man who himself got vaccinated as soon as it came out while wearing a mask.

This narrates a completely different story as it shows the double standards being followed by Rubio. Anthony had no such intention of keeping people from enjoying their lives while staying at their jobs.

All the steps were taken to ensure that people can keep themselves safe during this pandemic. The coronavirus is an airborne virus and is easily spread by people who do not wear masks.

Some people like Marco Rubio believe that it is a form of submission to a greater cause, which is unknown to many. People are giving up their freedom of speech and expression as they are submitting themselves to these restrictions.

People are not particularly happy about Rubio’s tweet and he was taken to task by the people in the comment section. Some people went to the extent of asking his reviews about the gun laws in America.

The comment on the gun law came from a person who lost her daughter to a shooting incident in Parkland. Similar comments were seen by many people who believe that Rubio is living his life in a hoax.

His double standards were also highlighted in the comment section as he remains among the first ones to get vaccinated. People were angry at the fact that a person who does not believe in the coronavirus is getting vaccinated before health workers.

Rubio’s tweet backfired as he has little knowledge about the scientific progress that has been made in this category. While Anthony is a learned man who understands the effects of the coronavirus and therefore, he suggested people take precautions.