On Monday, the Senate parliamentarian made an announcement that has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the Democrats. Now, the Democrats can use reconciliation to pass more bills without needing the approval of the GOP. With this new rule being implemented, it is safe to say that the Democrats have got the right to pass more infrastructure bills this year.

According to the statement from a representative of Senate Leader Chuck Schumer, the Senate parliamentarian has advised that a new budget resolution can contain budget reconciliation instructions. The Senate Democrats now have the liberty to pass an additional two bills that are meant to improve the lives of Americans if the Republican obstruction continues.

It is important to note that the infrastructure bills are still in process of being accounted for and will take a few months before they are tabled in the Senate. Having said that, the Democrats have not yet decided their course of action, and are still contemplating the idea of reconciliation. Despite the uncertainty, Schumer’s representatives are in favor of the new ruling. According to them, it is an important step towards development.

The Republicans aren’t too happy with this recent development. They had ardently opposed President Biden’s idea of allocating $2 million to the infrastructure proposal. Mitch McConnel, the Senate Minority Leader had declared that it won’t get any backing from his team, just like the COVID-19 relief bill that was passed without the support of Republicans.

Keeping everything under consideration, it can be concluded that the Democrats are all geared up to get the most essential bills approved through reconciliation. They only have 51 votes and if this wasn’t bad enough, they have Kamala Harris, the current Vice President as their tiebreaker.