It is time for Trump to start the transition process so that Biden can assume the role smoothly, said GOP Senator Kevin Cramer. Other members of the Republican Party also feel the same way but Kevin addressed it thoroughly.

There is a lot on Biden’s plate as he prepares himself for the office. He needs to equip himself to save him from any kind of trouble in the future.

There are multiple reasons for this transition period to be postponed. And one of them is that Trump feels that the elections were rigged and he filed cases in multiple courts on this matter.

Biden spent his time in the White House as a Vice President and he knows a little about running the main office. But heading a country is a completely different task and it requires a lot of homework before taking the oath.

Trump needs to understand the severity of not sharing the relevant information to smoothen the process of transition. His resilient behavior may lead the country into despair, and it will affect the USA.

The coronavirus cases are on the rise and thankfully the information on this subject is not bound by privacy. Any information can be easily accessed from government sources and Biden needs to get a hold of this situation.

The President-elect Joe Biden, will have to make sure to work his differences with the opposition across sensitive subjects like the coronavirus. This virus has taken the world into a dark age and people are fighting this fatal virus daily.

The opposition has shown all signs of cooperation in this matter seeing the severity of the situation. The impacts of coronavirus are far more vicious than anticipated and the new government will face many challenges.

There is a lot at stake for Trump if he does not aid the transition process soon. This will be used against him in the future and it will look bad on the Republican Party.

He is not acting as a solo player and his help can go a long way in making him a good president. This will reflect well on him and the party as well.