Scientists can determine the common genetic pattern among the coronavirus infected people who are severely affected. They have reason to believe that genetics can be a crucial aspect that can lead to the fatality of the patient.

One question kept bugging the scientists that why some people show mild symptoms while others show severe symptoms. They believe that it is because of the genetic pattern that is different in different human beings.

People belonging to the old age group are more severely affected by the coronavirus than the younger population. But another category of people who have not been immune to other diseases was also affected severely.

It was very important to study the genetic pattern between the severely affected patients of coronavirus. The reason behind this study is that they have to come up with a solution for selective treatment in the future.

All the similarities that they have found out so far are subjected to treatment only in theory and there is no practical knowledge. The scientists cannot be sure about the treatment of the coronavirus through the genetic pattern as it can be a long and tiring procedure.

Therapeutics has to come up with a solution to further the research of the scientists made in the genetic pattern. The uncertainty in targeting the gene that will result in therapeutic efficacy is still prevailing.

Viruses are commonly treated with prevention vaccines, but treatment through genetic patterns can be groundbreaking. The scientists who are conducting research to learn the genetic pattern is optimistic about their results.

They have not been studying hundreds of people; instead, thousands of patients were studied for the study. They have seen little variations in the genetic signals, but the others are subjected to the human body and its responses.

Another development in recognizing the severely affected patients is that the blood type of people is more affected. Blood type O people are protected from the virus.

One of the studies shows that there is a link to chromosome 3, but its connection to COVID-19 is still unclear. Different human beings have been showing different antiviral responses to the coronavirus.

It was a little strange to see how different bodies are responding to a similar kind of virus. It has been identified that genetic variants involved in interferon immune response are causing the fatalities.