Japan hit by earthquake of 7.1 magnitude

Japan hit by earthquake of 7.1 magnitude which is aftershock of the 2011 quake

According to the Meteorological Agency of Japan, the earthquake of 7.3 magnitudes that hit Fukushima is basically the aftershock of the 2011 earthquake. Many experts reminded us that there may...
First Interstellar Object Was Junk of Alien Technology

First Interstellar Object Was Junk of Alien Technology, Harvard Professor Avi Loeb Claims

Avi Loeb, a Harvard Professor does not seem to give up on the idea of alien technology. He wants people to understand the importance of the interstellar object, which...
Leader Mao Zedong By Preserving Moon Soil At His Residence

Chinese Commemorates Leader Mao Zedong by Preserving Moon Soil at his Residence

After completing the 23-day long trip to the moon on Thursday, China fulfills its longtime goal of the Change series that was set in 2005. Not only did they...
Global Temperature Will Lower only By 0.01C By 2050

Global Temperature will Lower only By 0.01C By 2050, Even After Lockdowns: UN Predicts

Even after the 2020 lockdowns, the temperatures of Earth will lower by 0.01C by 2050. Global warming is still a major issue the world is facing and the masses...
Bermuda Triangle

Where is the Bermuda Triangle located – A Place filled with Mysteries

Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious section on the planet. No one knows where the Bermuda Triangle is located actually, but on the maps, it is marked between the coasts...
A Metallic Monolith Discovered

A Metallic Monolith Discovered in Utah’s Red Rock Country

Utah Department of Public Safety officers discovered a tall metallic monolith as they hovered around in rural Utah’s Red Rock Country to find a bighorn sheep on 18th November....
Facts About Flies

Curious to know, how long do flies live without food?

Cover your food or else a housefly or a fruit fly would sit on it. We hear this and experience this all the time. Common houseflies and fruit flies have now...
Why Climate Change is a time bomb

Why Climate Change is a time bomb

Global warming is alarming. The problem with climate change is not just with its direct dire consequences, but also with the time factor barging in, making it a suspected...
Researchers find Neural Mechanisms

Researchers find Neural Mechanisms’ Involvement in Social Interactions of People from different backgrounds

People interact with other people every day and their behavior changes when they communicate with people from different backgrounds. What are the factors behind these behaviors? How a person’s...
newly detected asteroid put on risk list could hit earth

Newly-Detected Asteroid could hit Earth, put on Risk list

An asteroid has recently been identified. According to reports by the European Space Agency, the asteroid can cause potential harm to earth by hitting it in the next ten...