Around 925,000 students have become infected since the reopening of schools after strict lockdown imposed in the country. Moreover, the district has only reversed the course on their quarantine requirement when the state officials threatened to sue those schools that don’t follow COVID-19 safety protocols.

The question arises whether the school districts have plans to offer COVID-19 testing? Seems that it has no plans for offering student COVID-19 testing or to make a mask mandate, despite it being recommended by the public health officials of the US.

Angela McCray left her job where she was serving as a pharmacist to accompany and bring her three children as the lockdown was stricken and all public schools were closed in Monroe, North Carolina. When the news of reopening schools circulated, she was quite excited that her children would be able to go to school again.

However, her major concern was when her school district- Union County Public Schools didn’t circulate any official plan to get student COVID-19 testing or even require a mask to curb the rapid spread of the virus.

“I was being patient knowing that they would see the numbers increase and would change their mind,” she said.

She further added that this never happened.

With the increasing number of positive cases of students, the district decided to float their contract-tracing and quarantine requirements in order to ease the workload of the teachers and other staff members.

The school district, in fact, decided to roll back their contract-tracing requirement for the COVID positive students, while citing the need for offloading some work of school staff.

This move angered and shocked parents to their core.

“As a pharmacist, as a mother, I couldn’t stand by and continue to watch that happen,” McCray said. “We had to start getting action in place to figure out how we can push our elected officials to step in and make some changes.”

Thanks to the state warnings, the School district reversed its quarantine requirement.

There is another news circulating that the state rejected the $10 billion funds for the student COVID-19 testing in schools while some of them have gradually implemented virus mitigation plans.