Authorities say many children were among the dozens wounded after a gunman fired at least 33 rounds and deployed smoke bombs on a Brooklyn subway train during a major shooting incident.

Following the violent incident on Tuesday that wounded 29 people, WABC reported that a number of children, including a twelve year old, were carried to Maimonides Hospital in different medical conditions.

Officials said the children were going to their school when they were attacked.

According to the report, a 12-year-old victim of the Brooklyn train incident was released from the hospital with just minor injuries.

Officials said a sixteen year old victim suffered hand injury as a result of the assault, and the victim underwent an operation. It will take time for the injury to heal, according to his doctors.

“It was a pretty devastating injury to the thumb and it destroyed a lot of the bone, the joint, the tendons, the nerves but we were able to salvage the thumb and it’s alive and he will need some more surgery,” said Jack Choueka, hand surgeon.

According to reports, two other victims, 13 and 15, who had minor injuries, had already been discharged from the hospital.

Officials said that an eighteen year old boy was also shot in his leg.

Dr. John Marshallfrom the Maimonides Medical Center said that “we were prepared to care for 10, 20, 30 patients if we needed to. Fortunately, we only had five — three were in very good shape and were able to be discharged.”

Authorities are still looking for the 5ft 5 inches tall black guy, and, according to reports, they have identified one relevant person in the investigation.