Savannah Guthrie, the famous co-anchor at the “Today” franchise of NBC revealed that she has been tested positive for Coronavirus. She becomes one of the latest victims of the NBC fraternity to catch Coronavirus at the New York headquarters.

Savannah Guthrie stated on Monday that “she was dealing with little sniffles, not much more than that” while talking to her co-host Hoda Kotb. Kotb has been out of the studio since last week as she has already tested positive for Coronavirus.

Hoda Kotb informed the audience at today’s broadcast that she has finally tested negative and is now back in studio 1A – the show’s original and longtime studio.

NBC has witnessed a recent influx in its personnel dealing with Coronavirus on a personal level I the past few weeks,

Seth Meyers from the “Late Night” show was tested positive for Coronavirus – leaving the show hanging in the middle.

Jimmy Fallon, another late-night host, was tested positive for Coronavirus during the festive break leaving the show on a hiatus.

Saturday night live” also suffered badly and the broadcast was halted as a lot of staffers tested positive for Coronavirus and the others became hesitant to show up at the studio.

SNL was largely carried on through clips and taped segments especially curated to fill the void by Tina Fey, Tom Hanks, and the host Paul Rudd, Michael Che, and Kenan Thompson.

A lot of TV personalities are falling ill and have acknowledged that they have caught the virus. James Corden from The Late Late Show at CBS was also tested positive last week and his broadcasts were scrapped a lot.

According to the reports, almost all of these anchors, hosts, and tv personalities are completely vaccinated which decreased the severity of the virus, and infection is minimized yet they are falling victim to the Covid-19’s newest wave in America. NBC is rapidly becoming the Coronavirus infection hub after one after another personality working in its New York headquarters is testing positive