One of the most popular TV shows, ‘Saturday Night Live’ is back on air, with John Krasinski hosting the opener of this season. He made his mark while keeping the audience engaged throughout the first episode of the show.

In the very first episode, Kate McKinnon discussed how the first 30 days had been chaotic for the people.

Kate McKinnon made sure that she asked questions related to the events in the first 30 days of 2021.

She started this show with anticipation from the audience about how the new President, Joe Biden, is going to change America.

The lively guests made sure that the audience was entertained throughout the show. The most debated topic of the GameStop shareholding was also discussed by Davidson Evans who is the majority shareholder in the company right now.

During the conversation, he bragged about how he invested all his money in GameStop shares. He was confident that he would never lose this money and he sarcastically stated that the stock market does not even work.

Jack Dorsey (Alex Moffat), Mark Zuckerberg (Mikey Day), and Tom Brady (John Krasinski) were also present on the show. They discussed the plans Facebook and Twitter have for the year 2021.

It is amazing how Kate McKinnon made the show into a beautiful skit that was applauded by millions. All the famous people were mocked.

2021 may also be a difficult year just like 2020. The people are still struggling to fight a deadly virus and financial crisis.

Amidst this crisis, a show like Saturday Night Live ought to bring joy to the people staying at home.