Seems like we won’t get to see Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones on the same screen together!

During an interview with Variety, Just Like That… lead, Sarah Jessica Parker was asked if things are cool between her and Kim Cattrall and whether she would be okay if she return to the Sex and the City series?

“I don’t think I would, because I think there’s just too much public history of feelings on her part that she’s shared.” said Parker.

The 56-year-old American actress continued talking, “I haven’t participated in or read articles, although people are inclined to let me know.”

On the other side of the story, Cattrall, 65 has been long implying that she would never join back the “Sex and the City” franchise, explaining tensions between her and Parker.

Meanwhile, the Emmy Awards winner has consistently denied any suggestions of a clash with her co-star.

“’You are not my friend.’ Kim Cattrall slams ‘cruel’ Sarah Jessica Parker on Instagram”, The Time Tweeted.

The premiere episode of the “Sex and the City” HBO Max revival showed Samantha shifted to London for her job, later revealing that her “‘pride got damaged’ after Carrie had to let her go as a publicist due to the state of the publishing business”.

Even though Cattrall was off the screen after leaving the series, her role was there throughout the plot. She was shown talking to Carrie over text serval times in the series before the two connected after Mr. Big’s sudden death.

Thursday’s last episode of the “Sex and the City” revival showed Carrie spreading Mr. Big‘s ashes into the river in Paris and planning to meet Samantha for drinks the next day.

“We didn’t go to Kim for this, you know,” said Parker on Cattrall’s absence in the series. “After we didn’t do the movie and the studio couldn’t meet what she wanted to do, we have to hear her and listen to her and what was important to her. It didn’t fit into what was important or needed for us.”

While candidly speaking up about the “very distinct line” between her and Cattrall, Parker said, “Samantha’s not gone. Samantha’s present, and I think was handled with such respect and elegance. She wasn’t villainized. She was a human being who had feelings about a relationship, so I think we found a way to address it which was necessary and important for people that loved her.”  “… A friendship with that amount of time underneath it is really valuable.” she continued.