When it comes to Laila, her daughter, Sandra Bullock has no qualms about expressing her aspirations.

With PEOPLE (the TV show!) presenter Jeremy Parsons on Friday, the Oscar winner addressed parenting goals and what she hopes for her kid.

The actress said that one of Laila’s aspirations was to be the US President when she grows up.

She then quipped that she would be visiting the White House in the near future. She also said that she plans to redecorate!

Laila, who had been in Louisiana foster care, was adopted by Sandra Bullock in 2015. Louis, 11, was adopted by her in 2010.

On Friday, she said that she is just a mother. On Friday, she spoke about how her children saw her. This woman claims that her absence is felt and her presence an annoyance, and she thinks that’s exactly how it should be.

In response to a question about whether her children think she’s cool, the Speed actor said No! She also said that she wouldn’t come home until she had some form of reward. Last night, she brought doughnuts home for the kids, and they thought she was so amazing.

The Unforgivable director Sandra Bullock recently spoke about how the experience of filming the movie helped her become a better mother to her children.

To prepare for her role as a jailed lady returning to society in the Netflix film, Bullock spoke with real-life inmates.

In an interview with Extra on Monday, she revealed that she got a tattoo in honor of one lady she met while doing research for her kid. Both of them went through foster care, and there was a resemblance in their experiences.

The actress described the tattoo as a barbed-wire having a butterfly attached to it.

During her study and speaking engagements with jailed women, she realized how vital it was to tell the truth about their road to prison.

The Unforgivable is Sandra Bullock’s second film for Netflix, after the critically acclaimed thriller Bird Box in 2018.