SAN FRANCISCO – The state’s natives recalled the SFUSD president and two other Board of Education membersfor alleged ‘misplaced priorities’ and preferring ‘progressive politics’ over the student’s need amidst the pandemic.

The state’s voters have overwhelmingly supported the Tuesday night’s recall, revealed the sources from the San Francisco Department of Elections.


And to make that happen, there’s literally only one thing you need to do — VOTE YES to recall all 3!!!”, Tweeted the Recall SF School Board.

After a failed attempt to dismiss back in 1983, Tuesday’s special election is the first one taking place in San Francisco.

In January 2021, the concerned parents in the so-called politically liberal state began a recall effort out of frustration and anger over the slow reinstating of schools, while the state’s board followed with the ‘elimination of the competitive admissions at the elite Lowell High School’ and ‘renaming of 44 school sites’.

While seven Democrats hold seats on the school board, only 3 members were eligible to be stripped off in the special election including, Gabriela López, the school board President, Faauuga Moliga, the vice president, and Alison Collins, the Commissioner. The dismissal will take place by the Mayor London Breed’s chosen members.

“It’s the people rising up in revolt in San Francisco and saying it’s unacceptable to abandon your responsibility to educate our children,” said Siva Raj, a parent to one of the public school students who helped with the signature campaign to begin the recall election.

The special election serves as a referendum for many parents on how the state, particularly the school board, tackled the pandemic.

On Tuesday night, the voters held a rally in support of the special recall election at Manny’s residing in the San Francisco’s Mission District.

“Early results show “yes votes” for the recalls of all three school board members in the 70% range”, Tweeted The San Francisco Standard.

“I saw a lot of school kids struggling at home and I saw the school board prioritize renaming the schools over getting kids back into school,” said a kid’s parent named Asheesha Birla.

“They should have been focused on reopening schools like most districts were doing, “San Francisco native Nick Driver said. “The kids had only about six weeks of instruction before summer break and so that is a huge loss for kids who are coming from difficult socio-economic situations,”said another parent Jennie Lucas in San Francisco.