Being a news anchor is an attractive choice for many people and there are multiple reasons behind this choice. First of all, people are attracted because they have an assumption that News Anchors earn plenty. This assumption is true to some extent. Secondly, many people are not able to make it to the entertainment industry and they are fond of coming to the TV screen.

Factors affecting the Income Spectrum of a News Anchor

1. Location

It is important to understand that the news anchors are paid according to the location they are at. Different states have different earning spectrum when it comes to being a news anchor. In states like California and the District of Columbia, the news anchor can even make more than 50k USD in a year. It is a huge amount, but it is not the depiction of the actual average which is 38k USD per annum. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that different locations mean different pay scales.

2. Experience Level

Like every other job, the news anchors have to show their true potential to earn more than their counterparts. This all is achievable, but it is a long process and requires great experience in the field. Experience is the key to success in this field. You must be able to attract more people and catch their attention to increase the TRP of your Channel. This will ultimately increase your earning potential in the industry. The highest-earning in this field can even go up to 95k USD. This means that it requires experience and patience.

Job Description of News Anchors

They have to deliver the news while sitting in front of a camera on live Television. It is difficult for many people to do this job out of fear of the camera or making a fool of themselves on live Television. Therefore, this job requires a lot of nerves. The job does not necessarily require them to read but they are encouraged to come up with news themselves and write it down for them to read on Live TV. They can create an entire package for their news.

Top 5 States with most Earning Potential

1. California

2. District of Columbia

3. Indiana

4. New York

5. New Jersey

Future opportunities in the Field

The news anchor job is considered to be a dead-end, but it all depends on the perspective of the people. A news anchor working in a small town on a small channel can work their way up the ranks and join mainstream national TV channels. Moreover, news anchors with all the experience in their hands, can work their way up and become News Directors. The future in this sector is not definitive but there is potential in the field as identified by many third-party researchers.