Sacramento, California mass shooting update – Investigators revealed that 5 people fired in the mass shooting that erupted on Sunday, last weekend, killing 6 and injuring several.

“Sacramento police say at least five men were involved in last weekend’s mass shooting that left six people dead and a dozen injured,” ABC News Tweeted.

In Wednesday’s update, authorities said that the number could likely increase as they ‘piece together clues’.

The state police said in an official statement that it “is increasingly clear that gang violence is at the center of this tragedy.”

“While we cannot at this time elaborate on the precise gang affiliation of individuals involved, gangs and gang violence are inseparable from the events that drove these shootings,” they added.

Before the shooting, a fight had broken out in Sacramento’s downtown in the early morning on Sunday, said the police.

On Monday, Sacramento County Coroner’s Office identified the shooting victims as; Johntaya Alexander, 21; Devazia Turner, 29; Melinda Davis, 57; Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi, 32; Sergio Harris, 38 and Yamile Martinez-Andrade, 21.

As of now, officials have taken three suspects, Smiley Martin, 27, his younger brother Dandrae Martin, 26 and Daviyonne Dawson, 31, in custody in connection with the shooting.

“Smiley Martin was charged with possession of a firearm by a prohibited person and possession of a machine gun. while the younger Martin was charged with assault and possession of an illegal firearm,” said the police.

Reportedly, the elder brother, Smiley Martin, was just released from jail three months ago and has a sizable criminal history.

The third suspect, Daviyonne Dawson, 31 was arrested for carrying a firearm after the incident. However, it is not yet confirmed whether he was involved in the shooting or not.

While investigating the case, the Sacramento police reported gathering 200 videos, pictures and other shreds of evidence from the public.

Meanwhile, Chief Kathy Lester of Sacramento Police addressed the public in a statement saying, “the suffering inflicted by gang violence does not limit itself to gang members. It spills over to claim and shatter innocent lives and harm our entire community,”