The latest video retrieved from the Rust shooting case showed medical emergency staff “frantically” trying to save cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ life after the movie lead, Alec Baldwin fatally shot her.

“Investigators released all of the photos and videos compiled from the ‘Rust’ shooting, including bodycam footage, photos of the weapon and the first picture of Alec Baldwin captured following the shooting,” In Touch Weekly Tweeted.

The distressing footage of the aftermath of the shooting that was revealed as a piece of a trove of evidence includes Halyna Hutchins’ final moments and saw the medical staff bawling, “Halyna, stay with us!”.

The video showed the 42-year-old cinematographer lying on the ground of a church set as medical emergency staff attempted to save her life after being fatally shot on the Shooting set in New Mexico in October 2021.

She can be seen in an unconscious state throughout with the gunshot wound on her arm and the bullet that hit her later appearing again through the upper part of her shoulder.

Nothing could be clearly heard in the footage except for medical staff yelling instructions at each other and saying encouraging words to the victim.

In another video, Alec Baldwin as well as the Rust shooting crew could be heard taking updates on Halyna Hutchins’ health.

In one part of the video, Alec Baldwin was seen asking, “what’s her story?” while referencing Hutchins and was being told that “things are a little bit rougher.”

Someone in the video can also be seen taking updates on Hutchins’ health and getting the response, “enough to get air-lifted.”

In the video, cops were approaching Baldwin a few moments after the shooting and warning him not to “disclose” the accident to anyone before he properly detailed everything to the cops.

Another footage showed Baldwin, who said in an interview that he “couldn’t give a shit about his career anymore”, sitting at the back of a truck asking for an update on Halyna’s health, with one cop responding that the emergency staff is still working on her.

A third video showed Baldwin being grilled at a police station subsequently.

The investigation files also revealed Baldwin was rehearsing for the gun shot scene by practicing a “quick-draw maneuver” with the weapon.

In a recent statement, Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said that the investigation on the case is underway by his agency and that they are waiting for ballistics and forensic analysis results from the FBI and fingerprint and DNA studies as well.

“The sheriff’s office is releasing all files associated with our ongoing investigation,” said Adan Mendoza. Those files also contain examination reports and ammunition photos from the set.