Russia and Ukraine are planning to launch parallel military drills as the strict sanctions from America become a near reality.

According to the reports, the Russian warships were witnessed sailing towards the Black Sea along with the parallel movement of troops from Belarus and Ukraine. The Kremlin positioned large troops and weapons for exercise whereas the other side of the military has responded to anti-tank missiles and unmanned aircraft with complete support from the western partners of the country.

According to the insiders, this rivalry between the two countries has started to outgrow from the region. These military exercises are termed as a strategic tactic used by the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

After the intense diplomatic activity observed at both ends of the Atlantic Ocean, it is noted that President Putin is buying time to reposition his military forces with a new invasion attempt on Ukraine.

There hasn’t been any firm de-escalation between the two countries, despite the involvement of many world leaders.

Diplomatic connections from countries like Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, France, and the United States of America are trying to cease military activity in the region.

The Kremlin is hoping that NATO undertakes on Ukraine’s behalf that it will never join the military alliance as a reciprocal of the Russian invasion.

On the condition of staying anonymous, the NATO diplomats stated that they are worried about the demands made by the Russian president. Putin is trying to discuss internal strategic plans while giving little or no room for the other party to compromise.

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky received the President of France Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday in Kyiv. This is the first visit of a French head to Ukraine in 24 years. Zelensky described the talk between the two heads as “substantive and very productive.”

On the other hand, the French president has stated that President Putin has agreed that there will be no further escalation in the situation.

At the moment about 100,000 Russian troops are heading towards Ukraine, fiercely supported by the separatist groups especially in the eastern region of the country.

European and American officials are intensely watching the next 2 weeks, with a fear that the Russian military exercises might provide an easy getaway to Russia to strike a sudden attack on Ukraine. The US president Joe Biden was also scheduled to meet German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the White House due to persisting tensions with Russia.