Russia, Siberia – 52 miners and rescuers died in 820 feet underground explosion in a Siberian coal mine, leaving no survivors behind, on Thursday – reported Russian media.

On Thursday, 25 Nov, The Listvyazhnaya coalmine, Belovo, saw a devastating explosion after methane spread throughout the mine and filled the facility with toxic fumes.

Rescuers immediately responded with a search for miners and found 14 bodies. However, the methane gas buildup and carbon monoxide gas fumes caused them to halt the search for 38 other workers.

Later, another 239 were rescued from the area of the incident. Tass and RIA-Novosti’s news outlets reported that the emergency officials don’t see any chance of finding the rest of the workers in the Listvyazhnaya mine, residing in the Kemerovo region of southwestern Siberia.

As per Associated Press, at least 46 workers and 6 rescuers died after being trapped 800 feet underground area filled with poisoning carbon monoxide.

However, 239 from the crew managed to save themselves, and 49 of them were shifted to a facility for treatment due to smoke poisoning – BBC news reported.

“Impact. Air. Dust. And then, we smelled gas and just started walking out, as many as we could”, told  Sergey Golubin, a miner, to news outlets after he escaped the explosion.  “We didn’t even realize what happened at first and took some gas in.”

As per the news received from Reuters, three coal mine officials, including a director, have been taken into custody on suspicion of breaching mining safety rules.

“The president offers deep condolences to the families of coal miners who died,” Dmitry Peskov, a representative for the Russian President, said in a press release.

Kemerovo, Russia, known as the coal capital, has announced “three days of mourning” in regard to the deadliest explosion the region has seen in a decade.

In April, Russia’s Federal Service of Technological, Environmental and Nuclear supervision, Rostekhnadzor scrutinized the incident and noted 139 safety violations, including breaking fire safety rules.

Five years back in 2016, a methane explosion killed 36 miners working in Russia’s far North coal mine, which led to the examination of safety rules execution in 58 coal mines. Later, it turned out that 34% of them were potentially unsafe for workers.

Back in 2010, a similar kind of explosion killed 91 people in the same region at the Raspadskaya mine.

In 2007, another methane gas explosion killed 110 miners in the Kemerovo region at the Ulyanovskaya mine. The explosion was considered the deadliest of its time.