Ukraine braced for another day to combat war as the Russian army claimed to capture and take full control of the South of Ukraine, Kherson and move forward towards Kyiv while the armed forces continued to launch more deadly airstrikes, reported Tuesday.

“Russia unleashes more deadly airstrikes, captures Ukrainian port city as thousands flee” , New York Post Tweeted.

Videos that arrived from the area and posted by a Ukrainian official showed powerful airstrikes hitting an administrative building which is also called Ukraine’s largest building in Kharkiv.

After a full one day of terrible fighting in Kherson, located near Crimea, the counterpart forces claimed control of the entire city. Earlier this week, Russian convoys and tanks were launched into Black Sea port city amidst the devastating fighting.

“Prisoner transport vehicles lining up in Kherson 🇺🇦 after the city was captured by 🇷🇺 after several days of fighting. Darkness descends. An empire of evil has come”, Tweeted Carl Bildt, Co-Chair European Council on Foreign Relations.

Several panicked residents who stayed in the city during the initial days of the battle were reportedly making desperate attempts to leave the city as the Russian military moved closer to Kyiv and launched airstrikes on its outskirts.

Early reports from Tuesday showed videos of panicked residents, including children, disabled and the elderly, trying to embark on already stuffed trains in what may believe in availing their last chance to escape the Russian siege.

Ukraine had ordered the fighting-aged men to stay in the country to combat Russian occupiers.

“This is big tragedy for me to leave my city,” said a woman while holding her dog tightly in her arms.

“Actually I don’t know am I going to come back or not, and I don’t want to leave but it’s completely dangerous to stay here.”

Two third of Ukraine’s population have fled the country while countless remained in underground shelters to save their lives. Those who are still in the city don’t have clean drinking water available due to destruction.

 “It is a nightmare, and it seizes you from the inside very strongly. This cannot be explained with words,” said a Kharkiv resident, Ekaterina Babenko, who have been staying in underground shelters with her neighbors.

“We have small children, elderly people, and frankly speaking it is very frightening.”

On Tuesday, a 40-mile convoy was reportedly headed towards Ukraine’s capital city Kyiv following President Joe Biden said, “ Russia will pay a price for the invasion”.

“Nobody will forgive. Nobody will forget,” Joe Biden said in a message to Vladimir Putin as he dedicated his first day of State of the Union to the war.