According to Russia’s top counter-terrorism body, Ukrainian intelligence agencies were responsible for a bombing attack on Sunday at a cafe in St. Petersburg, killing a prominent Russian military blogger named Vladlen Tatarsky, who supported Moscow’s war in Ukraine.

Tatarsky led a discussion when the attack occurred, and more than 30 people were injured, with 10 in critical condition. The incident has further escalated tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Russia’s National Anti-Terrorist Committee, which is responsible for coordinating counter-terrorism operations, has stated that the bombing attack on Vladlen Tatarsky was a “terrorist act” planned by Ukrainian special services.

It was planned with the assistance of individuals who had collaborated with a Russian anti-corruption foundation founded by jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The Committee also revealed that the arrested suspect was an “active supporter” of Navalny’s group.

Russian authorities have blamed Ukrainian intelligence agencies for the bombing attack that killed Vladlen Tatarsky, a prominent military blogger who supported Moscow’s war in Ukraine.

Witnesses reported that a woman presented a bust to Tatarsky before the explosion, which authorities believe was a bomb. No one claimed responsibility for the attack, but military bloggers and commentators quickly blamed Ukraine for the incident. Ukrainian involvement was also blamed for the assassination of nationalist TV commentator Darya Dugina in August. Tatarsky’s death has prompted reactions from nationalist philosophers, political theorists, and Russian officials, who allege that Tatarsky’s activities had won him the “hatred of the Kyiv regime.”