Many have predicted Trump’s fall from grace. Whether or not that’s true, the Republican contender looks adamant about the win.

Vote counting in the swing state is afoot and Donald Trump’s lawyer is on his way to Philadelphia with claims of ‘mass cheating’. Even if these allegations have no merit, attorney Rudy Giuliani tweeted on Wednesday that he was on his way to take legal action.

Many other battleground states such as Pennsylvania are steadily counting ballot votes to conclude the 2020 elections. The secretary of the state declared that nearly half of the state’s mail-in ballots have already been counted.

With the general elections being held amid the pandemic, it’s no surprise that the number of mail-in ballots has increased enormously this year. Among a few other states, Pennsylvania did not start counting the absentee ballot votes till Election Day.

According to reports, this year – more than 65 million Americans have cast their vote through mail-in ballots.

Ms. Lisa, the executive director of CCAP proclaimed that the virus has made the election procedure a lot more difficult. She stated that conducting the traditional in-person elections while simultaneously processing the mail-in ballots felt like running two elections.

That is probably the reason why around eight counties did not start processing the mail-in absentee ballots until Wednesday. The election dignitaries in states like Wisconsin and Michigan were also not permitted to process the ballots till 3rd November or slightly earlier.

Since Biden had a minor lead in Wisconsin, Trump’s team has declared that they would be opting for a recount in the state. The National Press Secretary at Republican National Committee, Ms. Merritt, said that law firms are prepared for any complications in swing states.

As ballot-counting is underway, the Governor of Pennsylvania, Mr. Tom, expressed that a fair election would take place and no persuasion from pressure groups would be adhered to.

He went on to affirm that he would guard voting in Pennsylvania against all attacks.