Former New York City mayor and Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani has reportedly found new means of employment at Fox’s ‘The Masked Singer’. The former attorney general of our disgraced president was reportedly the new contestant at the celebrity performance show. Not everyone was happy with his presence, however, as judges Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke reportedly walked off stage in protest of Giuliani’s appearance.

Among other judges, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger reportedly stayed seated and even chatted with Rudy Giuliani after the performance and reveal. The show is now in its seventh season of running, with many celebrities and public figures revealing themselves over the years. The show involves celebrities showing up disguised in comically dramatic, mascot-like costumes giving performances where they get judged and eliminated in rounds until a winner is declared.

So far Fox itself has not released a statement, nor did ‘Community’ veteran Ken Jeong, or Robin Thicke when asked for a comment by People. The show has not been far from the controversy over the years, as there have been rather controversial figures pop up at the stage now and then. This one, however, probably struck a chord that is still fresh and not quite healed.

Despite there being several questionable moments associated with Rudy Giuliani, the most recent one has been his involvement in the insurrection incited by former President Donald Trump and several other Republican politicians. Serving as Trump’s attorney, Giuliani has been no stranger to controversial moments, during the previous presidency.

Giuliani was suspended from practicing law in New York by an appellate court based on “demonstrably false and misleading statements” that he made about the 2020 presidential elections. The previous such moment occurred on ‘The Masked Singer’ when controversial former Republican Governor for Alaska turned TV personality Sarah Palin showed up on the stage. She reportedly said then,” I knew it would be so refreshing and so freeing and well, in a real respectful way, kind of a walking middle finger to the haters out there in the world, where I could do whatever I wanted to do and not care what anybody said because they wouldn’t know until after the fact.”