Paris – Naomi Campbell and Carla Bruni made their way back to the Paris runway to support Olivier Rousteing celebrating his 10th anniversary at the creative house of Balmain.

In anticipation of the biggest Paris Fashion Week shows to be broadcast this season, thousands of guests from the general public entered the  La Seine Musicale, which resides at the city’s edge.

On Wednesday, an exclusive designer got carried away as he organized a two-day veritable fashion music festival. There were lots of merchandise stands, campaigns, stalls, and outstanding performances. Not just that, the show began with a special tribute from one of Rousteing’s fans.

Highlights of Spring 2022 collection


The evening began with a recorded message from Beyonce, paying tribute to the 36 years old designer for his praise-worthy work and drive to put diversity at the center of his fashion.

She said,  “brought a new mindset to help persuade fashion to finally begin to reflect the real true beauty of today’s streets, the beauty that you and your team see a daily on the diverse impressive boulevards and avenues of your beloved Paris,” and added, ”For ten years you have been determined to keep pushing that door open… wide open.”

Rousteing has been widely known for spreading awareness through his displays. Last year, he was a great supporter of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Wednesday was the day for celebrating his 10 years in the fashion industry, acknowledging how he began his work from rigidly structured silhouettes, through skin-tight gold metal gowns, the breathtaking collections of Rousteing’s walked the ramp the entire years.

All these years, he featured his clothes on a variety of models of different sizes, colors, and ages.

The fashion production glammed the show, with the audience made up of local members and fashion editors. The show length was uncomfortable for some people. However, many waited to see all the festivities, including a rocking concert by British band Franz Ferdinand.


The Mona Bismarck Hotel’s golden columns set the mood for the expensive-looking Rochas display to a decent chunk of the fashion insider crowd.

It started with a shiny gold dress with giant pirate boots making a statement. It surely was the piece de resistance; Charles de Vilmorin was the designer of this outstanding piece.


After a year of digital shows, Paris fashion week is finally back. With the live shows coming, gas-guzzling couriers which crisscross Paris personally deliver for show invitations.

While Valentino’s invite featured images of Persian cafes and models from French poetry.

On the other hand, Yves Saint Laurent bears a black leather holster snake with a big “YSL” logo of gold.

Fashion for All

Brigitte Macron, the first French lady to raise money and awareness for war victims, will be joining  Defense Minister Florence Parly on Wednesday at Hotel des Invalides to talk about organizing a unique fashion show.

 Fabio Porlod’s collection will be walked down by amputees and injured women.

On Wednesday, France’s Defense Ministry  said,  “the initiative is part of a charity evening whose funds raised will improve the living environment of seriously wounded war victims, victims of attacks, and people hospitalized at the National Institution of Invalides.”