A cobbler from Romania has created a revolutionary way to ensure social separation. Grigore Lup has made leather shoes in Cluj, Romania, a Transylvanian city for 39 years. Grigore Lup, a Transylvanian cobbler, designed long-nose (Pinocchio) footwear after acknowledging that citizens of the nation did not meet standard operating procedures of social separation. Hence, 75 European pairs are the largest created by him.

As per Lup, there will be 1.5 meters (approximately 5 feet) distance between the two people who wear the aforementioned footwear. It can be made into several colors, whether in rubber or Leather, and Lup takes almost two days to manufacture each type. Each pair needs one cubic meter of leather to be used.

A shoemaker from Romania produces European size 75 shoes to ensure social distancing

Lup has been awarded five orders for nearly $115, which takes him two days to make. The odd yet unique shoes were entertained on social networking sites and many users compared them to flippers as well.

Estimated cases of coronavirus are 6.4 million that are reported worldwide, plus 382,000 deaths on June 3rd 2020, were recorded. In the home country of Lup, Romania, nearly 19,669 novel coronavirus cases were recorded, with approximately 1288 deaths.

In the middle dates of May 2020, the country of Eastern Europe started to loosen restrictions after two months of lock-down. On June 1st 2020 Romania permitted outdoor sports activities without contact to resume without any public and now allows public activities with up to 500 persons.

In addition to social distancing rules, outdoor cafes can be opened again with four or fewer people per table and Romanians can fly internationally by trains and roads.