Keith Richards and Sir Mick Jagger paid an emotional tribute to their bandmate Charlie Watts on Instagram and Twitter who breathed his last in a hospital in London this Tuesday.

Sir Mick Jagger posted a picture of Charlie Watts smiling behind a drum kit while guitarist Keith Richards shared a picture of drums writing “closed” on them.

Richard Watts died at the age of 80 on Tuesday. Watts had been a member of the Rolling Stones band since 1963; along with the other members of the group Keith Richards, Brian Jones, and Sir Mick Jagger.

Charlie Watts played a vital role in making the Rolling Stones one of the most influential bands of the world along with the Beatles. The Rolling Stones took over the rock n roll music genre and spread it across the masses back in the 1960s with their hit singles like satisfaction, I can’t get no, get off my cloud, jumpin’ jack flash, and sympathy for the devil.

The Beatles Sir Ringo Starr and Sir Paul McCartney were among various renowned stars who paid tribute to Charlie Watts.

Sir Paul stated that Watts was “a lovely guy and a fantastic drummer who was steady as a rock” while Sir Ringo took over Twitter stating “God bless Charlie watts we’re going to miss you, man.”

Sir Elton John also expressed his grief over the sad demise of the drummer tweeting “a very sad day. Charlie Watts was the ultimate drummer. The most stylish of men, and such brilliant company.”

Stewart Copeland of The Police states that

“Watts had a unique rhythmic personality which set him apart. He’s unique and he’s irreplaceable. There’s only one guy with that sound.”

He called on BBC Radio 5 live stating

“you can try and figure it out on paper, what made that sound. You could say his kick drum was leading the charge but his backbeat snare was just a little hair behind the beat, and that combination… you can describe that, but there’s only one guy who can do it.”

Charlie Watts was the heartbeat of the Rolling Stones! He was never a flashy drummer but poise, stoic, and doing what he loved best – creating newer rhythmic beats!

He had fought throat cancer back in 2004 but this time around his medical condition was not disclosed. Few weeks before his sad demise, the Rolling Stones had officially stated that he would not be joining the Rolling Stones US tour due to “unspecified medical procedure.”