The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees for 2022 have been announced and there are many life-long legends and some newly eligible names as well. Rage Against the Machine, Pat Benatar, Dionne Warwick, Carly Simon, Judas Priest all join Kate Bush, Beck, Fela Kuti, Eurythmics, MC5, New York Dolls, Devo, A Tribe Called Quest, Eminem, Lionel Richie, Dolly Parton, Duran Duran among several others have been inducted for the first time.

There has been a total of 17 nominations making it past the first act of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame class for this year, all listed above. The nominees will go through further cutdown until a final list of the inductions is announced.

The Twitter announcement of the nominees included a call for votes from fans around the world to take part and get their favorite artists forward. “The #RockHall2022 Nominees are up and the Fan Vote is now open. Vote daily at”

“This year’s ballot recognizes a diverse group of incredible artists, each who has had a profound impact on the sound of youth culture. Their music not only moved generations, but also influenced the sound of countless artists that followed,” Chairman of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation, John Sykes said in a statement.

The official Duran Duran twitter account responded to the nomination saying, “We are all extremely grateful to all of you for making this happen.” 2/-Simon, on Duran Duran being included in the 2022 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame list of nominees” While the induction ceremony will be much later in the year, the finalists for the batch will be announced in May. The main eligibility criteria for the induction are for the nominees to have their first official commercial track or recording 25 years before they are considered to be inducted. They are chosen by sending ballots of vote to hundreds of artists, musicians and members of the music industry, considering their previous work, influence and overall length of the career.