Actor Robert Pattinson has expressed that he is literally terrified about the reaction of the audience for his upcoming flick “The Batman.”

The 35-year-old actor will be making his debut as the “caped crusader” in the new Matt Reeves movie. He explained that the reality hit him hard just a few days before the release of the film that he is actually playing the role of a legendary superhero.

THE BATMAN – The Bat and The Cat Trailer – Warner Bros. UK & Ireland

“It’s just starting to feel a little bit real. I’m terrified. This is the first time we’ve got a non-friends and family audience seeing it. “

He jokingly confessed that he will be spending most of his time stalking different social media platforms to find out what the fans feel about his latest film.

He explained: “I’m going to be spending a long night on Twitter. A long, terrifying night.”

The Twilight star confessed that he is glad that the role came to him at the right time. Had this iconic role come to him at a younger age he might not have been able to do justice because of the immense pressure.

Pattinson stated “Yeah. I’m glad that I’m older as when I was younger, I don’t think I would be able to handle the pressure of it but now it has just been fun and a really incredible ride.”

Robert also confessed how amazing it was to wear the iconic Batman costume that made him feel “tougher” as soon as he wore it for the very first time.

“You first put it on and it’s so well-designed. I tried the suit on piece-by-piece over about a month and when the final thing was there you just immediately want to start punching the mirror.

“You feel 100 times tougher.”

Robert Pattinson says that he lived his childhood dream on the big screen by playing the iconic role of Batman who has been with him since the very beginning of his life. He is terrified of the response of the audience, fans, and friends for the biggest role of his life.