With COVID-19 spreading its wings faster than ever, air trips have become out of the question. Even the best of travel enthusiasts have delayed their Bahama plans, only because of the uncertainty with the air travel. A walk across a pristine beach has been replaced by a stroll across the home garden-all because of the deadly virus.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. If air trips are canceled, you can always choose to go for a road trip with your family and friends. Thus, if you’re intrigued by the idea of riding to another city, here are some of the best road trip destinations in California.


Carmel by the Sea or more commonly known as Carmel is a city in Monterey County in California. If you’re getting bored at home, rent a comfortable SUV and take a trip to the city by the sea. Whether you are a history buff or a die-hard nature lover, this city has it all.  Located at the foot of Ocean Avenue, the Carmel beach is one of the most known spots in the whole of California. Here are some of the best sights at Carmel:

  • Carmel Beach and its white, sandy dunes.
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium and its display of marine life.
  • 17 Mile Drive and its picturesque drive-through route.
  • Carmel Mission Basilica Museum and its resplendent take on history.


If you’re stuck in a rut and need solace in your life, Ojai is the place to be. It falls on the list of the best road trip destinations as it is easy to hop into your car and drive to the city. Known as a wellness escape, Ojai falls in a small city of Ventura County, California. If you are a fan of all things green, Ojai can be your best bet.

A Moment to Remember:  As the city is located in the middle of the Topa Mountains, you will get to experience plenty of notable moments.  Popularly called the “pink moment”, it has been described as the period of sunset; where the sun is setting behind the mountains, painting hues of pink and red in the sky.  Just the thought of it sounds breathtaking, imagine how it looks in real life!

Here are a few other sights that Ojai has to offer:

  • Ojai Valley Inn and the plethora of views it provides
  • Ojai Valley Museum and its innumerable historic sights
  • Topa Mountain Winery and the authentic wine tasting experience
  • Libbey Park and its numerous recreational activities.

3Beverly Hills

To all the people who believe in the shop till you drop the motto, Beverly Hills is the place to be. It is not only home to several Hollywood stars but has also served as the backdrop for countless films across decades. Located in Los Angeles, the city is a star-studded version of a celebrity himself. From Rodeo Drive’s renowned shopping street to the County Museum of Art, the city is a dazzling dream turned into reality. If you want to delve into the beauty of the city, here are some sights worth seeing:

  • Greystone Mansion and its iconic location.
  • Sunset Boulevard and its unique nightlife.
  • Virginia Robinson Gardens and its historic gardens.

4Palm Springs

One of the most unique road trip destinations of all time, Palm Springs can be your next place to visit. Located in the Sonoran Desert of Southern California, the city has gained immense popularity for its state-of-the-art hotels, stellar architecture, calming spas, and whatnot.

Even if you have a keen eye for shopping or want to hike along mountains, this city has got your back. Just pack your backpack and set out on a journey like never before. If you’re captivated by the image drawn in your mind, here are some real places to visit in Palm Springs:

  • Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and its pleasant canyon ride.
  • Moorten Botanical Garden and a desert environment like no other.
  • Palm Springs Art Museum and its rich cultural heritage.

A Final Thought?

Here were some of the easiest road trip destinations that you can take at present. Thus, if your mundane routine is getting to you, just take a break and cruise down (or up) the coast. Take in the beauty of nature, exotic culture, mind-numbing adventure, and shop till you drop! So, where will you head to?