In Portland, the people have reportedly thrown firebombs at police officers. This incident has led to the declaration of an emergency in the city.

The city has experienced unrest throughout the year and New Year’s Eve was no exception. It is believed that more than 100 people allegedly targeted a federal courthouse amidst the celebrations of New Year. The police could have been mistaken about the event if it were not commercial-grade fireworks. The people were asked to leave the location otherwise there is a chance of being but arrested with force.

Rioters did not stop there and even set different areas on fire and smashed several windows. Police had to use tear gas and pepper spray to avoid further damages to the property.

The unrest began on May 25th when George Floyd was killed in police custody in Minneapolis, triggering the Black Lives Matter Movement. The movement has taken the world by storm, especially in Portland city.

These hateful acts are not helping the Black Lives Matter cause at all, and the people should realize this fact by now. They should look for other peaceful ways to make their voices heard by the authorities.

According to the media reports, the people deliberately marched towards the federal courthouse. Their intentions were clear as soon as they broke a window of a Starbucks at SW 2nd and Main.

Police Department in Portland has declared the incident as a riot.

Even one of the vehicles of the police was targeted by the people in the protest. This was an uncalled-for event, and the police are still looking into the matter.