A Rhode Island rehab center catches fire resulting in 24 people being hospitalized.

According to the reports, around two dozen people being treated at the Rhode Island respiratory rehabilitation center were taken to a nearby hospital after a horrific fire erupted in the vicinity. The 24 patients taken to the hospital complained about inhaling the smoke.

The first officials declared that the fire started at the third floor of the Genesis respiratory and rehabilitation center around 9 pm. Fortunately, the fire remained confined to one room only.

The fire extinguishing sprinkler system of the rehab center quickly extinguished the fire but the smoke quickly spread across the building.

The Coventry Fire Chief Frank Brown stated that the rehab center houses 100 patients, all of them were forced to excavate the building because of the damage caused by the fire. He further stated that twenty-four people were taken to local hospitals for first aid and other medical treatment.

Approximately 100 people live in the Coventry facility which is located around 15 km in the southwest of providence. The official website of the rehab center stated that it deals in providing the patients easy and quick access to respiratory ventilators, therapists, and piped-in oxygen.

The cause of the fire eruption is still unknown and being investigated by the state fire marshal’s office.