The Republican Party is facing bad news one after the other as the Arizona court decision was against them. The challenge was against the fraudulent activities in the Arizona region, but the case was dismissed by the court.

Republicans are facing trouble in making their voices heard on the cases of fraud in the presidential elections. The Pennsylvania case decision was bad enough for them and now this news has reached Republicans.

They have decided not to rest until they knock on the doors of the Supreme Court against the Arizona court decision. They claim that they have already suffered a lot in these presidential elections.

The court was unable to find any traces of fraudulent activity or irregularity in the outcome of the election. Therefore, this case was dismissed and was considered baseless since it was without any proof.

The allegations were that the duplication process of the Arizona ballots changed the votes of Trump to Biden. Dr. Kelli Ward was behind in filing these allegations against the procedural methods of Arizona elections.

It was also challenging the lawsuit based on which verification of signatures was done, but the process remained flawed. This indicates that the mail-in ballots are not to be considered as viable votes as there can be frauds committed.

The terminology used in the lawsuit by Dr. Kelly was considered vague and there was no proof presented. Such kind of lawsuits is not entertained with respect as they delay the process of transition to Joe Biden.

But the decision given by the lower court has not deterred the dedication of the Republican Party to pursue this case. They have decided to take this case to the Supreme Court in hopes to revert this decision in their favor.

Trump has already been angry about the fact that Ducey went hurriedly to sign the certifications of the election in Arizona. The reason behind his anger was that cases were going on in the court while Ducey signed the certifications.

  • Trump reminded his supporters that he is not going to let go of what Ducey did to their party. The Republicans have chosen to go to the Supreme Court so that they can hear a decision that is favorable for them.

Donald Trump has been praising the efforts made by the lawyers’ team in Arizona. He believes that this team is going to shine in the Supreme Court in getting the decision reversed.