There are many more left-leaning news organizations than right-leaning news organizations in the world. As the public constantly seeks impartial reporting and diverse views in order to get the whole picture, several fail to locate credible conservative or republican news sites. Thus, what is the most reliable outlets of republican or conservative news?

As a result, it’s self-evident that certain individuals choose to get their news from republican news sites, i.e., those that express views consistent with those of most Conservatives. And you’ll be shocked to learn that those republican news sites are plentiful.

Most prominent news organizations are conservative in design. And in this post, we’ll examine the best 20.

1Fox News

In contrast to OANN, Fox News does not explicitly state that it is a conservative news website. It asserts that the news it breaks or posts is unbiased. However, its customers and the scandals in which it has been associated over the years indicate differently.

Regardless, Fox News’ political leanings do not detract from the reality that it is one of the largest news organizations in the country, generating millions of views daily.

2One America News Network (OANN)

One America News Network (OANN), which is owned by Herring Networks Inc., is a pro-Trump news outlet with a dedicated website that is not shy about promoting itself as a skewed source of news (in favor of the conservatives). It was founded in July 2013.

Due to its conservative-leaning prime-time talk shows and its willingness to promote conspiracy theories, OANN is perpetually engulfed by controversy.

3Breitbart News Network

Without referencing the notorious Breitbart News Network, every ranking of the top conservative blogs will be incomplete. It is a well-known American right-wing news organization. While its successful growth over the years, BNN has offended many Americans and has been criticized for being racist, homophobic, and promoting other types of prejudice.

4The Daily Caller

The Daily Caller was established in 2010 as a conservative counterpart to The Huffington Post by Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel. Within three years, this opinion platform began to generate substantial revenue.

However, The Daily Caller’s ascension to dominance has not been without bumps. This is alleged to be the result of housing publishers penning stories containing misleading evidence and endorsing bigotry and white supremacy.

5The New York Post

The New York Post, abbreviated as NY Post, has existed for almost 219 years (launched in 1801). Additionally, the website has been operational since 1996. As a result, it’s easy to see that many people want to get their news from this source. That does not alter the reality that the NY Post’s content is conservative in nature. And as a result, it has faced several allegations of bigotry over the years. It is one of the best republican news sites.

6Washington Examiner

The Washington Examiner has existed since the days of the good old “newspaper.” It was established in 2005 and was able to recognize that the potential lies in digitization. As a result, the Washington Examiner developed a separate website. Despite the change in media format, the said channel has remained faithful to its origins, continuing to appeal to those of conservative values.

7The Western Journal

Floyd Brown was well aware of what he was about to face. What compels us to claim this? The reality is that between 2009 and 2016, the per-page viewership of his conservative website, The Western Journal, rose from 1000 to a million.

Previously identified as Western Journalism, the website was blacklisted by Apple News and Google for allegedly discriminating against refugees and Muslims and fabricating evidence to promote their political viewpoints.

8The Gateway Pundit

Since its inception in 2004, The Gateway Pundit has been characterized as a republican website and a consistent source of false news; whether the latter is accurate or not is debatable. Along with being suspected of posting articles that contain fake evidence and are indeed hoaxes, opponents have chastised The Gateway Pundit for fostering conspiracy theories.

9Zero Hedge

Zero Hedge was not always a conservative news organization. Indeed, it aimed (and continues to aim) to be an investment-focused blog. However, with time, this platform has expanded to provide political analysis and commentary. Interestingly, this change has resulted in a rise in Zero Hedge’s viewership.

10The Washington Free Beacon

The fact that one of The Washington Free Beacon‘s financial sponsors is conservative activist Paul Singer should mean that the platform is not unbiased. Despite this, it produces new content in vast quantities on a regular basis. Additionally, it is often lauded for making an attempt to do original reporting, in contrast to other conservative or republican news sites.


InfoWars, established in 1999, is a conservative website that has been repeatedly accused of providing users with false news. Despite the daily attacks, InfoWars consistently receives over 10 million monthly views.

Even though reputable social networking and technology companies have disassociated themselves from InfoWars in one manner or another, it generates its money through advertising various items.

12The Daily Wire

Launched in 2015, The Daily Wire quickly ascended to unfathomable heights. By 2018, it had been crowned Facebook’s biggest right-wing publisher. A year later, it was ranked as the platform’s sixth-largest English-language publisher.

Despite its success, The Daily Wire often faces allegations of failing to adhere to established levels of integrity and accountability.

13The American Thinker

If the lack of vibrant visuals and other dazzling visual properties isn’t a deal-breaker for you, The American Thinker has what it takes to become your go-to website for unapologetic conservative news. Additionally, this platform welcomes users with an abundance of unique material. Apart from that, The American Thinker promotes reader participation by accepting opinion articles.

14The Federalist

Since its inception in 2013, The Federalist has become recognized for publishing conservative web publications and hosting a related podcast. The Federalist not only addresses policy but also history and faith.

This website has been accused of promoting rumors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Federalist was also embroiled in scandal after it was accused of alleging widespread voter irregularities during the latest US elections.


Twitchy, created by Michelle Malkin in 2012 and acquired by Salem Media Group in 2013, is unquestionably a conservative website. Its distinguishing characteristic is that it aggregates proactive posts (Tweets) and organizes them into distinct posts. Furthermore, it features portions devoted to satirical cartoons, American affairs, and entertainment. Twitchy publishes over three dozen posts/stories a day on average.

16National Review

National Review can be credited with being established in 1955 by William F. Buckley. It began as a publication dedicated to churning out articles representing staunchly conservative viewpoints.

National Review tends to print a magazine every single week in the modern era. You may either purchase a hard copy or read it in its entirety online.


As the name implies, TheBlaze is the official website of Blaze Media, an American conservative news organization. This website began its operations in 2010. While it initially experienced a meteoric rise in monthly viewers (peaking at 21.5 million unique visitors in March 2014), it gradually decreased in visibility, reaching an all-time low of 8 million unique monthly viewers in February 2017.


Another website is part of the Salem Media Group. For those that are unfamiliar, RedState is a political website based in the United States. Visitors to this website will read fresh and unique opinion articles that lean heavily toward conservatism.

In 2004, a group of conservative bloggers formed RedState. Due to the editors’/publishers’ freedom to share their views on current events in the world, RedState often finds itself in hot water.

19PJ Media

PD Media, including Twitchy, is a subsidiary of Salem Media Group. You will access unique commentary on this platform in a variety of formats, including a blog post or a column. The authors of such commentary are committed to conservatism.

PJ Media is dedicated to defending and protecting, but also to, what made or would make “America great.”


Townhall bills itself as the nation’s leading conservative news source. The explanation it makes at this point is that it recruits more than 100 prominent columnists and thought leaders to contribute political criticism and research that conservatives around the country may hear/read.

Townhall has been operating successfully since March 1995, through many ownership changes.


We hope that by having access to quality news across the political spectrum, you will make better-informed choices, whether it be with relation to masks, vaccinations, or even what to do in a voting booth.

Considering views that both resonate with and diverge from your own is a crucial step to recognizing the multifaceted complexities of certain topics in the news today. In a polarized world, culture requires readers like you to pave the way toward a shared middle ground.